Thursday, 15 January 2015

Shaving brush for fumble fingers

Do you manage to drop the soap or powder off the brush before lathering? If so, the invention by Mr D Andrew Albright might be the thing you need:
An object of the invention is to provide a cup-like depression in the ends of the bristles constituting the brush, for the purpose of retaining the cream or powder in the center of the brush and to prevent it from falling from the brush...

While I'm not convinced that a cup shaped  brush would be great for shaving - after all, a common complain about cheap brushes is that they develop a hollow space in the middle - it is interesting to note that the erstwhile inventor suggested a mixed brush:
A further and quite important character istic of the invention resides in the'sectional formation of the brush, the innermost section or core being constructed of relatively stiff bristles, such'as pig bristles, while the outermost surrounding section or'enveloping portion is composed of relatively soft bristles such as soft badger hair, the stiff' bristles constituting the core being adapted to Work in the lather to soften the beard while preventing the latter from being misplaced, while the encircling section made of soft hair, allows for the spreading and smoothing off of the lather.
I have a couple of mixed brushes myself - one badger/boar and one horse/badger - but they are not built up like this... not sure if any brushes ever has been built with a stiff core and a soft outer shell.

As an aside; can you even get shaving powder any longer?


  1. There is still a shaving powder being made in Greece! It's called Σπλέντιτ (splendid), and here is google image search of the same.
    Mostly used by barbers since it's almost impossible to create the thick lather that seems to be the order of the day..

  2. That is interesting Yakoumis - I wonder if I can find it over here =)

    1. You can order it online at various places. E.g. , xenos etc. I could send you one too, just tell me how to contact you.

  3. Thank you for the offer - but since the shops you linked to has plenty of other interesting things I might order a box full of goodies directly =)