Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Im getting ready to be on the Go for a short while, so I decided to re-evaluate what goes in the GoBag as far as shaving goes. As I mentioned before, part of the issue in my GoBag is space - or rather lack of space. If I put something in, something else have to come out... I have however replaced the liquid shampoo with a travel sized bar of Mike's Natural Shampoo Bar, so there is some free space. Even so, there is not any huge changes since my last time on the Go:
  • Travel sized bottle of Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap
  • Omega #50014 travel boar brush
  • Merkur 985CL Open Comb travel razor
  • Pack of Lord Platinum
  • Lea Shave Stick
  • Travel tube of alum
  • Travel size bottle of Krampert's Finest Bay Rum
I may or may not change things further... but for now, it's a den away from the den.

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