Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First impression of the Omega 50014 travel brush

Sometimes I'm on the Go, with the GoBag, other times I travel more leisurely and can bring more and other shave gear. It is for the later I invested in a Omega 50014 travel brush.
Being a travel brush, the 50014 comes with a tube to protect it while in on the go. The tube can also double as the handle while using the brush, but if you don't mind a slightly undersized handle you can just put it aside and not worry about it - I don't use the tube as a handle, since I tend to face lather when not at home (at home I'm a dyed-in-the-wool bowl latherer...)

I broke the brush in soon after getting it as per what seems to the recommended way; whipping up lather in my hand, then rinse and repeat. Letting it dry and then doing again a few times broke it in nicely, leaving me with a brush that is soft with plenty of backbone and just enough scritch for my tastes. Once broken in it behaves as a shaving brush should - ie.: it makes lather out of shaving creams and soaps, and helps you put the result on your face... in a most enjoyable way, off course.

The brush is a little on the small side, but that's not really an issue when face lathering - it still holds plenty enough for two passes and then some. Overall I'm quite satisfied with the Omega 50014 so far. If you're looking for a travel brush and don't mind it drying slower than a synth would, I suggest getting one of these.

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