Thursday, 10 January 2013

Make your own shave gear

The post the other day where I showed an old time razor made from a bent metal plate made me think of 3D printed razors. I figured that if I could come up with that idea, so could other clever people, so I headed over to Thingiverse - one of the better known places online to share all things 3D printed.

No razors - at least that I could find - but plenty of shaving gear. A few I liked:
- A fancy razor stand
- A less fancy razor stand
- A combined razor and brush stand
- A combined razor and brush 'hang'
- A shave brush handle
- A blade disposal box

Now, if I could only justify spending a huge wad of cash to buy a 3D printer I would have all the razor stands I would ever need... but no printed razor.

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